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on March 12, 2012

I don´t like to be between four walls. I like to be in many places at the time. I will say that I rest in my bedroom but I just go there at night, for sleep, because my inspiration to do something never comes when I am in my bedroom. So I want a place where I can rest, think about my stuff and be reflexive. When you lay down you can enjoy the panorama, like a landscape you your eyes, feeling nature, the fresh air, that wood smell, that reminds you that eventually winter will be cold. Then the air comes and moves the leaves, that little sound of the leaves moving among themselves and falling.  You stay and wait for the sunset. And see how the colors are changing in the sky and the shape of the clouds. Imagine blue, red, orange, white. Like if we were painting it. When you stand up, you get many leaves sticking to your clothes, so when you get to the classroom, everybody notices that you were sleeping in the grass.


2 responses to “A PLACE I LIKE

  1. Marielise
    I love the feeling you evoke with these words. I also have a difficult time thinking clearly surrounded by four walls. I need to feel nothing between me and the open sky. So in the cold weather, I am stuck in front of a window, as close as I can get.
    I like the image of leaves sticking to yur clothes giving you away.

  2. marieliise says:

    ok i need to show more than tell, thank you for show me how to do it

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