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on March 12, 2012


You could meet many persons, and you can greet them everyday, be laughing with them, and go out with them.  But that doesn´t mean these persons are your friends, truth your friends. Because once that you trust in someone, and that person fail with you. Then it is difficult to trust in someone else again.

We always watch in the movies, in teenagers stories, the problems with the friends, or the typically story of two girls of two boys that have been friends since they were children. And I wonder is that the way happen in the real life? ¿Do we have our best friend? ¿Forever?

when we were children, our interest was just to play with the other children, but we are getting older and we have more interest, we want a friend, someone who can advice you, tell you when you are doing the wrong things, tell her about the boy you are dying for, someone that can listen to you anything, your problems, life and secrets.

But more than that, the life put task, for let it know who really are your friends. Because I remember, 4 years ago that I go through a stage in the highschool were I was so depress, I felt so insecure, I didn´t want to study, to go out, I just want to spend the day sleeping. And most of the people can´t stand me. The people that a considered my friends, I realize they wasn´t, they looked me with a face like showing me that I was so silly and stupid.  In that moment I thought that the others were better than me, I was envy everything.

The few persons that were with me in those moments, were my family (father, mother, and sister) and my friend Dalia, this girl always give me the best of her, she is really sincere with me, and like I go through bad time she always showed me her support. And of course a have to put my part in the friendship, as she does, in other way we won´t be best friends. Now I tell you yes, there are person in whom we can trust, yes they exist, and I’m so happy of that. Because is not easy to find them.


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