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on March 19, 2012

what do you see in people faces?

I didn´t want to be in my class. Maybe I was falling sleep. So I decided to sit down next to a flowers stand, and read a book there. But something was getting my attention, I wasn´t paying attention to the reading. In that moment I just was concentrate in the people that was walking around or just talking with their friends, the ones that were alone like me, I was looking at their faces, their expressions. Some of them were happy, just laughing, or with a single smile, but in the other hand I saw sad faces, worry faces and if it is worst I saw how people were argue between them.
So you wonder how their lives are. And they don´t realize that you are watching.
Then I notice that I was enjoying that moment. But then I saw the teacher coming to the classroom.


2 responses to “SLICE OF LIFE 19

  1. pamelahodges says:

    An interesting slice on people’s expressions. “And they don´t realize that you are watching.”

  2. vianey says:

    I used to that when my mind isn’t with me. I just look everything and everybody, and I can listen everything too. Those are very special moments.
    See you on Friday,

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