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My class on Tuesday

on April 27, 2012

Looking at the top of my pencil I wondered if it had a Sharp enough point to let my fingers continue pushing it softly against the paper. Then I started to hear a voice which gave me confidence. Her strong voice coming from a small thin person that you wouldn´t imagine being 9 years older than me. She tried to explain to me the last question form a questionnaire that we had to answer from the presentation some classmates (including her) had performed a few minutes before. And I was sitting the perfect place to watch the presentation, third line, second chair, behind the black chocolate hair of my small thin friend a few steps from the whiteboard. But this time I couldn´t answer everything, so my friend saw my face of misunderstanding, and called the teacher.

From that moment I wasn´t thinking straight and the teacher was coming. The handsome teacher, the guy who had the knowledge; I was lucky to have a teacher like that. Looking at him and hearing his way he spoke was hypnotic. I had always liked history, but with this professor, I bet I could be there no matter that I had my own history class in the morning. He was next to me. My friend showed him my paper. And the teacher started to read my answer aloud. I didn´t like that; it was uncomfortable. I didn´t have the right answers, why was he doing that? It made me feel more nervous. I didn´t know where to look. Then I noticed the handmade white vest that my friend was wearing. When the teacher stopped reading, and before he could say anything about what I had written, I told him that I just needed to add something and I took the paper. His expression made my think that my answer wasn´t as bad as I thought. So he just smiled and the he was gone. I wasn’t sure if I was thinking when I spoke few seconds later, because I couldn´t finish the questionnaire. I couldn´t stop laughing. I had the feeling of the food I had eating two hours ago move from one side to other in my stomach. I touched my face, arms and shoulders and I was cold. My friend says the same when I touched her cheeks.
Nowadays, I remember his smile.


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